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The links between vacines, selective mustim and tourette syndrome.

April 5, 2008 3 comments

There are so many unanswered questions in my mind, Was there a link or a tie between him later developing mild tourette syndrome and his earlier experience with selective mustim? I still think that ground zero for us was the immunizations and vaccines with mercury he was given at a year old and his change in behavior once having the shot and the then lack of eye contact. 

Even though the doctors said there was no tie at that time, I still think there was and that time will tell.  That from that time on some sort of receptors did not develop in his brain that should of due to the shots.

The idea that the three are threaded together or some how tied as apposed to three separate issues.  No one seems to have an answer or they are too afraid to look fearing law suits.


Could it be tied to another issue such as lead poisoning or triggered by a vaccine?

March 1, 2008 Leave a comment

The cranial chiropractor visit was one we really debated about.  Should we, should we not.  My feelings were that we owe it to our son to go down as many paths and as many dead ends until we find a solution for this. So we agreed we woud go down this path next.

We already had tried looking at diet, watching what he ate, tried to get yeast out of his diet.  This did nothing. 

We did get the homeopath to say from his findings that he did not think it was from lead poisoning, or vaccine relatead from a vaccination,  like is tied to autism.

Or was it somehow tied?  We have tourette syndrome in our family, could it be tied to that?  No one had the answers we were looking for.  Each time we some it opened up more questions than solving anything.

Months have gone by and many thousands of dollars have been spent.  He is not speaking at school and the teachers see no change.  Just his love for play doe.. and a boy that will play next to him for hours and not mind one bit he does not speak with him.  What a blessing that little boy was.  A friend perhaps if we have him to the house they will speak. 

I arranged a play date for next week and see the cranial chiropractor on my to do list for next week.