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He made the leap and came out of his shell.

March 25, 2008 1 comment

The potential we had hoped for to set the bar high, to have him make a leap into a first grade program with high academic and social standards was easy for him, harder for us.  He excelled at the program and within that year came out of his shell as the teachers described it. 

Pre school would of been a time for him to practice his verbal skills and without that time he did have some ground to make up.  What we where able to find out is my son actually thought the words just did not say them.  Thus it was just the act of speaking or speaking up that was needing practice.

 The interaction for us as parents was harder, since we were not practiced in the ways of the competitive elementary school parent society.  Actually it was a shock, since he did not make the school connections in the past. It was our first year of the social side of school that we had missed due to no one invited him or us in the past, since he did not speak due to selective mutism. 

In the back of our minds over the next few years, we worried that something would trigger it and the selective mutism would come back, it did not.  Were we just lucky? Was there divine intervention? Would it of happened naturally?

I now knew how to spot it early and helped another family who had no idea what was going on with their child.