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I’m S,O,R,R,Y mommy

February 24, 2008 2 comments

But the phase did not pass… he looked sadder and more withdrawn.  We worried.  So great at home and no improvement in school.  Is he sick?? Brain tumor?? Trauma at school? It was just so strange.  We showed up a school early to peak in the window to see if he was OK.  He played well, but as parallel play, not interacting with other children.  He loved to play with play dough all day long we were told.  The rest of the year just was the same with no progress.

But there were a few areas that we noticed at home.  He could not say he was sorry.  You could see he felt it, but could not say it.  Frustrating for him and for us. 

He would not sleep in his bed. He came and slept at the foot of our bed on the quilt.  If we tried to put him down to sleep in his own room , he cried and screamed.  He wore us down and we did not want him to get into bed with us, since we felt he would never leave.  It broke my heart to have this little boy sleeping on the floor at the foot of our bed.  It was perplexing.

Ultimately he would say things like,  I did not mean to do that or he would spell the word…S,O,R,R,Y,  mommy,  but no I’m Sorry from his lips.  My husband and I would discuss and worry, not knowing what to do.  We spoke to his Dr. who said it was just a phase and many children go through this type of thing and it will pass once he gets use to school.  But never naming it as a condition.  So we just kept thinking it would go away.