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Our next stop, the Cranial Chiropractor.

March 5, 2008 Leave a comment

The big day arrived to seek more alternative options for selective mutism and we went to see and visit the cranial chiropractor.  We arrived at the office and it looked more run down than I would expect and more like an accident treatment center.  This had been a big debate to take this next step.  What happened if the doctor cracked his head, like they crack your back and something happened?  All sorts of concerns buzzed in our heads.  How would they move his plates in his head and how did they get moved in the first place.  Or do heads even have plates at his age. It was all a blurr.

We were all taken into a room, asked a series of questions, whoever we did not most the questioning as to how this works, had he done any other selective mutism cases…..well no….but it is a proven method for many symptoms like his.  We hesitantly agreed to proceed.

Head x-ray, clear… we could stay in the examining room for the treatment.  Quite music was put on the lights dimmed slightly and the doctor begins to rub his head like a scalp massage.  A scalp massage is what we are paying all this money for……

The one thing we did notice is my son really enjoyed the light touch message. Which help us allow this to continue. At the end the doctor said he had done some adjustments and we would need to come back for a series of sessions to see results.

Results!!! Well maybe, lets see if we see an improvement and call you for another appointment.  It did nothing and we never returned to the cranial chiropractor.

It was another dead end.  After telling our neighbor who was a school teacher about the days events and no talking progress, she told us that the school district is mandated to provide speech therapy and pre school for children like my son and I should look into it.


Selective Mutism and the play date.

March 2, 2008 Leave a comment

The house was a buzz with neighbor children, my son interacting, playing and speaking to them as normal as could be.  Which was always the case that he could speak to his brother and the neighborhood kids.

They were playing tag and staying out of the living room.  Why stay out of the living room? All my good china pieces were displayed in there on a coffee table and the boys knew not to go near Mommy’s good things.

The children played and the door bell rang.  Surprise, surprise, …wink wink, … look it’s your little friend from school has come to play!

The children all came to see who had arrived, my son too.  Was this the moment that would be the break through?  I held my breath.  Oh, it ‘s XXX, why don’t you take him in to meet your friends?

My sons face began to change right in front of us. When he looked at the boy I could see it was clear he was happy he was there, but there where other aspect now overtaking him.  He took his hand and walked him into the group and then proceeded to be really be… selectively mute.  He spoke to his friends, but not to his school friend.  It was as though he lived in two worlds and could keep them totally separated even if they were together.  The little friend from school was so happy to hear him speak and not happy that he was not speaking to him. 

So we now knew the association with school triggered the selective mutism.

I would take my son to the grocery store and the same thing happened. Speak to the neighbors we ran into and not to the school families.  I found it frustrated and strange of how he could keep it all straight and not mess up the two.  But to him it was not a mess up, it was how he thought and the brain and anxiety must be a key as the doctors told us all along.

It was at the end of the school year, he would be turning 5 in a few months and we knew we could not send him to kindergarden , it looked like he would have to do a red shirt year at pre school.

Could it be tied to another issue such as lead poisoning or triggered by a vaccine?

March 1, 2008 Leave a comment

The cranial chiropractor visit was one we really debated about.  Should we, should we not.  My feelings were that we owe it to our son to go down as many paths and as many dead ends until we find a solution for this. So we agreed we woud go down this path next.

We already had tried looking at diet, watching what he ate, tried to get yeast out of his diet.  This did nothing. 

We did get the homeopath to say from his findings that he did not think it was from lead poisoning, or vaccine relatead from a vaccination,  like is tied to autism.

Or was it somehow tied?  We have tourette syndrome in our family, could it be tied to that?  No one had the answers we were looking for.  Each time we some it opened up more questions than solving anything.

Months have gone by and many thousands of dollars have been spent.  He is not speaking at school and the teachers see no change.  Just his love for play doe.. and a boy that will play next to him for hours and not mind one bit he does not speak with him.  What a blessing that little boy was.  A friend perhaps if we have him to the house they will speak. 

I arranged a play date for next week and see the cranial chiropractor on my to do list for next week.