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Selective mutism disorder blog is searched often, is it a disorder?

I have seen recently searches to get to my blog, the search string is ” selective mutism disorder blog”.  My concern is the word disorder, puts such a negative outcome adn on the present condition and what that means to others.  Selective mutism may be a condition, but  not a disorder to me, this tags it as something bad and wrong. It is not and it just is happening to many children, including my son who overcame the condition.  I am not sure  this is the best way to phrase it.

Perhaps unenlightened doctors or teachers think of it that way and it may be the correct medical term, but I don’t like the labeling.   I am sure a parent would not.  It is happening to their child and they desperately want to find a way to have it get resolved, to getcured or what ever it takes to make this condition go away.

Disorder places these children with lower learning students and this is not the case, they are most likely highly gifted.  If kept, placed or trapped in the system, they will loose their edge.  Yes it is harder to teach and interact, but never give up, do not allow them to be placed in lower learning and behavioural classroom and do not allow this labeling of Selective Mutism.

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    I am now 34, and had “selective mutism” in my early years. Let me tell you how it was FOR ME. I was like in a daze in public situations and a wild goose at home. When in the daze, I was a pure OBSERVER I not only saw and sensed things that others did not, I KNEW I saw and sensed these things. I scored high grades, and loved my puzzles! But there was a deep sense of being different, and not wanting to “reveal” my secrets. I did not know what those secrets were, but I knew that they had to be kept or there would be danger. When other kids talked “at me”, I wondered why they spoke, it didn’t seem to make sense. But the teacher said all kinds of sensible things. I knew the answers to their quizes and questions, but it DID NOT MATTER TO ME if I answered them. What made sense was learning new things, not learning about people’s personal business. That just did not make sense and it annoyed me a great deal. As for the wild goose at home, the goose was to make enough noise so that I could block out all the CONSTANT VERBAL ABUSE. I am not saying that all selective mutism cases are from abusive families. Many problems have many causes. And so do mine. Hope this helps. –Straight from the Mute’s mouth

    ps I just did my first radio interview for my book! So there is hope!

    • Isabel
      February 16, 2010 at 4:20 pm

      This is exactly how it was for me also.
      There is too much emphasis on the need to speak as I was learning all the time and more advanced than the others even though it was all in my head and teachers couldn’t deal with that.
      As dyslexia is now accepted and that people with this condition learn better through different methods to the norm, I hope that in the future SM will also be categorised as acceptable and leave the kids alone with it, they are doing fine. If they don’t want/need to speak just leave it.
      I also had a home life different to the norm, with parents arguing, splitting up, getting back together, ignoring the children, being out of favour – not being spoken to by my mum sometimes for weeks at a time, never knowing what I had done to upset her. Dad said she was a manic depressive, but not diagnosed, this didn’t really help us when little, just stay out of the way and in my own world. I liked to cycle round in a figure eight for hours, so I didn’t have to be indoors.

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