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Do you recommend group sports for children with Selective Mutism?

October 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got a question from a reader that asked: If I recommended group sports for my child who had selective mutism.  The answer for my child was Yes.  I did enroll him in group sports. Some group sports where better to try than others, for a child with selective mutism.  He did not speak at school, so as long as the children that he associated with at school did not participate, he spoke, if they were they were on this team he did not speak.  Selective mustim has a strange line of speaking and non speaking.  The coach was also part of the equation, a loud coach, he would not talk, a soft spoken coach, he would.

We tried all sorts of sports group and not group, in hopes it it would cause a break through with this speech.  It did not, but he liked doing the activity.

Group sports where he was on a team and running in a group worked well.  Soccer was our first try.  He got lost in the group. Tag football, he loved it.  Baseball, not so much.  He could not handle the spotlight of him stepping up to the plate and swinging.  Basketball was a good choice.  He never yelled to get the ball.  Lots of arm waving. Swimming not so much, same issue of the starting line focus was too much for him.  Running, did not like it, he was fast but could not handle when he lost. 

So all in all.  See what your child is comfortable with.  We started many seasons and did not finish. Others were great and he stayed all season and he grew a lot for having the experience.

  1. jennifer
    October 12, 2008 at 2:20 am

    Yes! Yes! and Yes! Does the child want to play sports? My daughter, 7 has SM. Last year, she begain wanting to play soccer. We didn’t think she was ready and frankly, we had so many ups and downs that year. This year, after a lot of progress, it has been great to see in group sports. She is looking forward to basketball in a few months. It’s different for everyone. She does well away from kids at school because they know her as the one who doesn’t speak. While she is starting to speak, if she were with classmates, she would revert to the old. My child has made great strides, but not just on her own – she gets a lot of support from us, the coach, her 4 brothers, extended family. I think it will be trial and error for many parents. Good luck to the original family who asked the question.

  2. KC
    October 24, 2008 at 12:19 am

    I also recommend ballet and yoga. We have yet to start the yoga, but ballet has been helpful, I think. I have a dvd for kids ordered and it will get here soon. I cant wait.

    My daughter did do two years of group sports over the past two summers. She wasn’t speaking at all during them, but she sure did enjoy participating in the activities.

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