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Play and draw your way to Speaking? Not when you have selective mustim.

February 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The verdict came back from the doctor, there was not trauma, no illness. But is was selective mutism.  How do you cure it? How long would he have it? Would it just go away?  None of these she could answer.  It depends on the child.  It may be anxiety and with play therapy it may clear up.  There were a lot of May’s in our lives at that point.

So week after to week, we would come and he would draw, play games staged by the doctor.  He would chat up a storm with her and she would tell us how bright he was. We would meet after to get a down load on what they did that day.  I asked if she had spoken to the teacher and she indicated they kept missing each other.  This went on for many weeks.

My husbands sister came to town and was finishing her masters in education and asked if she could go to the pre school and see it for herself.  Since he chatted up a storm with her, she heard of it and wanted to see it for real.  She came back amazed that this chatty kid would become another child when he entered the school.  He would not speak to her or the teach or the students.  She saw his lust for play doe. Perhaps he uses it to manage the stress? Perhaps he just liked it since he looked busy and did not have to interact with anyone.  He looked withdrawn and passive. She took a few photos so she could show us what he looked like.  The minute he left the building and got into her car his chatty self came back like a switch was turned on. 

The doctor did say if play did not work then we need to look at a medicine for him to try…try.. I want givens not try. She indicted she wanted to put him on Prozac. When I asked what the medical protocol for a then 4 year old was she said there were none.  it would be trial and error and it may or may not work.  We said no thanks we will look for other alternatives. Plus has had a year before kindergarten and he would grow out of it before hand.

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