The shock of hearing he was mute.

February 24, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

It came as a shock after having my son in preschool for 3 months at 3 years of age to hear the teachers words.  You do know your son is developmentally delayed? I looked at her like she was from the moon. What …what do you mean?  He does not talk in school, not one word.  What do you mean not one word? For how long has this been going on. Did something happen?  No nothing…

From day one, we thought you knew?  He does not speak to us or the other children. We don’t think he knows any words.  She said.  Does he?  I was so thrown off and said  of couse he speaks.. he is so bright and chats up a storm and plays with all the kids in the neighbor hood.  How could this be?  He had been a school for a whole three months and not spoken one word….

She looked at me with a look of..boy lady you are so fooling yourself if you think this child is normal, … oh this poor parent is in deep denial.

My thoughts where, I can’t believe they know so little about my son that they would think he does not talk. They must not be paying attention. He had been telling me he did not want to go and there were too many kids.  I figured he just had seperation anxiety.

 Now …I knew he was so bright and smart and controlling, so hum.. so bright and now so stubborn as not to talk to make his point.  Yes that must be it.  He is stubborn and will not talk until he gets his way.  It is a phase it will pass….

  1. selectmute
    October 13, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    I wish I had stumbled upon your blog two years ago when we were dealing with the onset of my son’s selective mutism — what a wonderful resource. I am sharing the address on my selective mutism blog. I am going to start reading at the beginning here — thank you for sharing your story.

  2. MarceK
    June 18, 2015 at 3:29 am

    I just cried reading this. And I can’t wait to read it all. A month after my daughter (who was almost 4) started preK her teacher came to me and said “I think your daughter has selective mutism, usually kids warm up after about a month, and she has not said a word.” I didn’t even know what selective mutism was, I was in shock and heart broken blaming myself, we went on a journey trying to find a psychologist or therapist with SM experience in our area, we found a lovely therapist that had some experience but I was confident she was the one for our daughter, she came a long way from not speaking to whispering with only one friend and this year she was speaking and engaging with all of her peers her teacher and teacher’s assistant the school was and still very supportive since diagnosed an IEP was developed for her and she met all of the goals, they’re amazed! “She’s a total different kid!” She still struggles with strangers and will not talk to unknown adults, she plays soccer and to be honest comparing to the other kids she is the worst player lol but I know it has to do with her anxiety and self-confidence I do not force her she’s the one who suggested and enjoys it very much, she still has a long way to go and I couldn’t be more proud of my baby!

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